Captain’s log..


My BFF is going to be on a boat.. not a small one.. a beeeeg one!!! and has strict instructions to go and ask to see the Captain’s log while they sail off to the Portuguese Islands. Cheeky git!

Damn well going cruising without me!! waaah! Unheard of!

Yes, I am jealous. OBVIOUSLY!! hahahahaa!!! We all are.. and when I say we, I mean all the bitches she is leaving behind of course.

*sigh* …Yes, I am soo extremely excited for her too.. She so definitely deserves this holiday. Also, I am not entirely sure how I would handle going on a boat out at sea, and since we are almost the same person, she will be testing our sea legs for us. 🙂

Hope we do well, because we have planned to do a similiar cruise for our combined 40th birthday. Eeek, I don’t want to think about how rapidly I am ageing 😐

*change subject*

Work has been fun so far. Gym has been tentative. Kids have been AWOL.

2013 is definitely panning out differently to 2012.. and all in a good way 🙂