2012 is old news…


The crazy love of family

2012, the year that was.

So much happened. ………Just so very much.

I learnt some valuable lessons:  I learnt that I trust too easily, I learnt that people can be bigger assholes than first impressions hint at.

I also learnt that I am completely misunderstood 98% of the time.

Yes, for sure, there are also awesome people out there.. but they are too few and far apart. Will need to consider starting a little village of our own and put all the awesome people in it and we will call it the Awesome Village.. fucktards not allowed.

The one thing that didn’t happen? The end of the world. That shit didn’t happen at all.. as I predicted. So put that in your mayan pipe and smoke that.

2013 is going to be a Big year for me.<– truestory

Hope I don’t crack and spill my marbles all over the floor like a crazy too often. If I do please remember that this is only temporary and that no padded room can hold me too long. (they have tried)

I made no resolutions this year. Don’t see the point. I made plans instead. These plans may or may not involve whips and chains.. my plans  may also make me and others cry in pain and/or joy. But this does not scare me because tears are good as they rinse the eyeballs.

What about you??? Have you made any resolves of change?? Are they the same as last year? And if so, what are you doing differently this time to make them happen?

Before I run off and tackle my To Do list I would like to leave you with this thought:

“The more you sweat in practice, the less you will bleed in battle”