Whip me Baby..


As you are all aware, I am on the road to getting my sexy back. For me and for me.

It has been a truly tough road  (life can be tough when we have to restrict the wine intake). But it has also been fun and full of laughs, grunts and smacktalk.


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One of our personal torturer’s is the lovely Paula – she looks sweet, right?


Bloody hell she enjoys it far too much for it to be healthy.

Yes, yes, yes.. there are results to her madness.. but no one said I can’t bellyache about it.

Our Training Group are known as “THE SPARTANS”. We are hardcore and have been known to bring our own ‘goat spares’ for when we need to do repairs on the run during training. There is really no stopping us to be honest. Norman did a triple bypass on himself the other day while maintaining brilliant form planking.

Currently the Spartan’s have even taken to doing a little impromptu book club – with our first book being 50 Shades of Grey (book1). We plan to discuss this over tequila and Jagermeister on the party bus next month.

As I said.. we work hard.. we play harder 😛



P.S. we are currently interviewing for new spartan members to sign up next year January. inbox for more info.