Mother Dearest..


Fuckit people!!

If a kid comes to my home, they will be taken care of, affectionately teased and ultimately given a broom and told to sweep up after them when they done.

I will attempt to make them feel at home and tell my lazy kids to ensure that there is enough food, blankets and pillows to go around.

Love your children enough not to embarrass them in front of their peers. Punish them with moderation and leave your dirty laundry for private.

And if you have extended family in your home (step, half and adopted), treat them as if they are your own. Love them, care for them, hug them for no reason and be there for them.

Don’t fuck your kids up because you are too lazy to care for them. And don’t fuck up someone else’s kids because you couldn’t be bothered to have some compassion for someone besides yourself.

Listen, I am not a very maternal person (I shout at my kids and even hide their shit to torture them). In fact,  I swear I was never really cut out for this parenting gig but the reality is that they are there. and they are mine. And they are annoyingly cute and funny.<3 them.

There is a lot at stake here. These are future presidents, world leaders, teachers, doctors, technological genuises, pioneers in space and travel! (and of course they will be responsible for choosing your old age home.)..

These are mini people, they look at you and follow your lead. Act like an asshole and they will be assholes. Be abusive and they will in turn be abusive to others. Show them compassion and love and they will be compassionate and loving in turn.

I was a very young mom and I make mistakes all the damn time.. hahaha.. SO MANY!!.. but I love them each and every day. And they know it. each child that walks through my door will be cared for. COMPLETELY. regardless of age and sex.

Girls are not more special than boys and boys are not tougher than girls. Kids are kids and they all cry the same and hurt the same.

So when I hear about parents behaving like assholes, I get utterly furious and want to kick them in the face, roundhouse style.

The reality is that I was very sad to learn of serious parental neglect this weekend. I am now going to do everything in my power to address this person and save the life’s concerned.
Let me just add that sometimes this shit happens in the most unlikely environment and we may see the signs but don’t always recognise them for what they are.

Take a closer look next time , I wish I had.

But before I go let me just say this:

Think before you act. …..And if you don’t, learn some self defense because you never know when I will be there.. roundhouse kicking you in the face.