Unpopular Pose..


No one likes *sadpandaface* Briget.. truestory.

It is tearful and completely unattractive and it brings the whole neighbourhood down. But sometimes *sadpandaface* Briget exists and it is not always easy to hide.

Everyone has their issues and for some people tough times are the order of the day, almost every day. Hardship is in the eye of the beholder. It is always far more tough for the person going through it at the time.

So there is no point in my belly aching about my plate of shit. Details are completely unimportant. What is important is that I just push through it and figure out what to do when I am done.

In fact I cannot tell you for certain which one thing has pushed me here. All I know that all this shit is overwhelming me and it is getting to be very hard to smile.

So bear with me if I look disheveled, if I appear unfriendly or if my smile is not where you saw it last.

I am looking to find a path back from the insanity of pressure, disappointment and broken dreams.