Maturity Required…


Ok, so this is going to make some people annoyed  with me but I am going to voice my opinion on this subject anyway.

Teenagers and sex

I think parents are far too complacent on this topic and also make it far too easy in my opinion for them to indulge.

It is far easier to throw their hands up in the air and say ..” what can I do?” than it is to sit them down and explain that you do not approve of sex at their age.

And for those parents out there who allow it under their roof ..SHAME ON YOU!

First things first–> Education. As a parent we should EDUCATE our children on sex, explain the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. BUT at the same time reminding them even that you are in fact teaching them life skills and in no way condoning it as they are not old enough to participate. Think of it like a learners license… teach them the theory before they do are allowed the keys to the car for the practical.

Educate them in the motto ..“No Glove = No Love” and tell them where they can acquire condoms for when they are old enough and need them.

PLEASE NOTE: Condoms should NOT be in a box in the pantry/diningroom/kitchen for your kids and their friends to help themselves*. They should be sought out at a clinic, the school nurse or a pharmacy.

Now before you come after me with guns a blazing, let’s discuss:

If they are so called mature enough to have sex, then they need to be mature enough to ask for condoms.

So, If they are too shy to ask for condoms or buy their own, then they have no business having sex. And this should be explained to them. Stressed this heavily.

At least if they get their condoms at a clinic or a school nurse then someone is going to be aware of the situation and even be available to answer any questions they may have.  As opposed to getting shit advice from their friends who also know fuckall about sex.

I am a mother of two boys, and even though it kills them (and me) we talk about it. I tell them that they are not ready for the responsibilities of sex. Sex is not just a physical act but an extremely emotional one. Why must they complicate their already tumultuous existence with further stress and upheaval?

We have a responsibility to look after our children, to care for them, educate them and be there for them.

I do not want to be a ‘cool’ mom and I do not want to be their friend.. I am a mother who cares enough to say No….  Are you?

* I will bitchslap you if you offer condoms to my kids.. that shit is not candy!