New Month – New Duties


Birthday month is now behind me and I need to get serious about my impending transitions of life.

Firstly I have new duties at work.. *cries*..  plus there is the body conditioning (getting my sexy back)which I am working on and last but definitely not least there is the super important date –> as I have been constantly reminded of on an almost daily basis I have a wedding to still plan.

I will need to staple SexyG to to chair and demand definitive answers and ideas so that we can get a start on stuff.. or else I am just going to just pull on my jeanpant and wing it.

Why must time run away so fast from me? Surely there should be a Pause button available for overworked, underpaid single mom’s who are busy rebuilding and recreating their happy ever after’s ??

I demand some slack here. I think I deserve it. In fact if my mom were here she would sit me down with coffee and say.. “Briggie, you work too hard. Take a moment and just sit with me”

Shit dammit !! I miss my mom 🙁

I suppose as the time draws closer I will think of my parents more and more. I actually don’t even know who I am going to ask to walk me down the aisle. And will there be an aisle? I have to really consider this wedding as it will be a very unusual affair with no parents present from either side. And lots of kids from both of us.

Not to mention everyone thinks I am nuts and secretly expect cake jumpers and other randomly crazy stuff on the day.

*le sigh*

We will see. It is still 8 months away and a LOT can happen in 8 months.. but then again time flies so pretty much NOTHING can happen in 8 months too.