Red letters (& days)..


No man, this is just a crazy assed fucking week!

Snapshot of Shit:

  • I discovered that this here blog has been flagged (again) as pornographic..*sigh* WHERE??
  • Work has been draining ..Effing Month End.
  • Birthday looming.. and as per always I think about the fact that I wanted to be a superstar when I was a grown up. I just shrug my shoulders and accept that I can’t possibly be a grown up yet then.
  • Red, the colour red has been intriguing me far too much lately… perhaps I want to be more daring?
  • Medical Aids and Telecommunications will be the death of me still…serious.
  • Dumb assed clients who expect me to read their effing minds… fuckem.
  • I have taken my eldest for driving lessons.. turns out his dad taught him fuckall.
  • I think I need more insurance now.. see above.
  • Money is tight… tighter than Bieber’s nuts.

Oh well. Tomorrow I will rise to fight again!