Brandewyn.. (Fierywine)


The lovely people of Fine Brandy by Design invited me to partake in their loveliness last week at the Good Food and Wine show here in Durban.

I jumped in and frollicked!

Who knew Brandy could be this delish.. thank goodness I had my designated driver there or they would have had to provide a beanbag and blankie too .. #justsaying

Fish Eagle Rio:

Fish Eagle, Honey Water and fresh Lime Wedges poured over Crushed Ice

Klipdrift Gold Julep:

Klipdrift Gold, Mint Syrup and Mint Leaves poured over crushed ice.

Oude Meester Franklin:

Oude meester Demant, Angostura Bitters and Ginger Ale poured over crushed ice.


My favourite one is the Oude Meester Franklin, it was hugely delishvine<–real words at the time.

So what is this about??  What is Fine Brandy. By Design?? What does it all mean??

Fine Brandy. By Design is a collection of fine brandies that is changing how people see brandy, more especially how one consumes it. Part of this is to show the versatility of brandy by inspiring the public to try brandy in a whole new light.The contemporary take on brandy is that it can be enjoyed before a meal as an appetizing cocktail, during a meal by pairing it with fine cuisine or after dinner with a chocolate, thereby inspiring people to challenge their perceptions and explore new ideas.

I have always considered Brandy to be a boys drink.. but not anymore. try one of these next time you have a party or throw a surprise party for a special birthday girl that has not made any plans whatsoever for Saturday ….*hint-hint*


have a great day mense.. I have to work