Tears on my Pillow…


I woke up this morning with such sadness as I realised that you were actually gone.

We didn’t speak everyday, but when we did it was always with a smile and laughter. It was always easy, and always good.  Even the first time when I came to see you in hospital recently and you were drugged up to your eyeballs, even then we just laughed and laughed…

I find myself going to your facebook page several times a day just to check that it wasn’t just a bad dream.. I often just stare at your BBM profile and wait to see if your status updates that it was all a HUGE BIG mistake.

…………. 🙁

Alas, I need to accept that the truth is that you are no longer here with us. You are really not coming home. I am not going to be able to just bbm you in the middle of the day to find out what you are up to. We will never be able to laugh at the silly things the guys are doing. You are not going to be at my wedding. 🙁

But I will keep your smile, your giggle and your love  in a special place in my heart. Always.

You were an inspiration to all of us  in your battle with cancer & illness. You fought harder than anyone should have to. You can now rest my sweet friend. The pain and fight is now over. You are amongst angels.

On Wednesday I will try my very best to be strong for Craig and not cry too much. I will give him my smile as he will need one. Just know that you are leaving a very big hole in all our lives. And we will try our very best to full it with the love and beauty that you shared with all of us in the very short time we had together.

Will miss you very much my dear dear friend…

R.I.P Mandy

1974 – 2012