Twist & Shout..


… *moan*

I hurt in various areas, some of which make for awkward looks as I attempt to walk about the office.

Perhaps I am overdoing it? Yes, I am.

Tonight I will skip gym and just do easy labour , by only tackling some menial household chores.

In fact, I shall torture my kiddies and make them tackle the place with me.  Although that may result in more conflict than I can currently handle. So maybe I will just hide chocolates in their bedroom and they can work their way through to the buried treasure?

I shall think of something.


On a completely unrelated note.. I want to wish Ronel & David a super Happy Love Day for yesterday (18 years!!) and  Angel & Neels a super Happy Love Day for today (2 years!!).

So much of a  love going around.. 🙂