Illness, challenges and a joke..


So two mexicans walk into a bar.. STOP STOP STOP!!! not that kind of joke!

I am talking about the kind of joke that makes you grimace. Yes, The troll has her panties all twisted

As I am sick and have no energy in me to deal with assholes – I sent SexyG to face the hairyknuckle alone. ((hugs))

She however did not come alone.. she dragged her newest entanglement (we shall call him BigM) along for the ride (met this one on the internet, don’t you know). He is either a sucker for punishment or has a troll fetish :P.

Control your woman there BigM!

She looks just about ready to pop a new row of warts on her nose.

She was apparently FUMING and SPITTING instructions out to anyone who would listen. She wants more maintenance , she wants medical aid removed and money in its stead, she wants, she wants, she wants….and the clerk had to just sit there and listen to her ranting demands and threats. She apparently also demanded that  my banking information be subpoena’d. I lolled when SexyG told me.  When the time is right I will show her my statement.. and it will be very banking indeed 😛

Arrgh, she must just fuck off. I am over her crap and drama.

On to more exciting stuff.. I am in the middle of my second fitness challenge and am proud to announce that I am sporting some healthy looking bicep muscles these days 🙂 . Weight is coming down nicely and i am looking forward to doing a centimeter check in 2 weeks time.

My handsome boys are on holiday and will be jolling with their paternal for the entire holiday which will result in more work productivity than I am used to. I am very sad at not being able to wake D up with chocolate cake for his birthday on the 7th , but he will be having a blast somewhere down the coast. Lucky Buggers! I may drive down for some cuddles though.. if the need gets too great! hahahahahahaaaaa!

Firstly, I need to shake this stupid cough. I can’t even talk for more than 1minute as it just has me erupting in a cacophony of retarded coughs. Makes for awkward moments on the phone..:S