Two and a half Men plus a Lady…


As is customary in my home.. when it is your day of birth celebrations we shove chocolate cake in your mouth as soon as you wake up.

There have never been any complaints. Ever.

So I am now officially the momma of a full grown adult man. He is now legally allowed to drive and drink.. hopefully not both at the same time. :S

There will be no giving of alcohol to my boy as I have observed in other tribes.. just because the law says he can consume does not mean I will encourage nor allow this to occur.#truestory

I am shell shocked at how fast these little guys have grown hey! One minute you wiping their bums, the next you are teaching them to drive. Thank Fuck his feet appear to have stopped growing. On the plus side, at a size 11 he can water ski comfortably without the need for ski’s, so there is always that!

So my home is now a haven of testosterone with two and a half men (SexyG, J and D) and me.. the only girl. Which means I am always right, see?

Have a fantastic weekend everyone. And if you are running the comrades, I wish you all the best… it is a kak long distance and you are gonna need many leghumps to get to the finish line.