Still Plodding along..


Life is still very interesting here at casa la crazy.. Second fitness challenge about to begin, and I am now a member at three gyms and going to do 6 FAR treatments (which I won) that will do fuckknowswhat to me but!..a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do :p !!

Things promise to be hectic and full of aches and pains for me for a while now, but really? would I survive any other way?

Anyway so yesterday I got a phonecall from one of the gyms I belong to .. Without naming names, lets just say she is no slut 😛 Anyway so the lady phones and this is what happened:

NonSlut SalesLady : ” Good Morning  Briget!! ”

Me : ” uh… uhm.. Hi?”

NonSlut Saleslady : ” How are you doing this fantastic day?”

Me : ” fine?.. I think??.. Whats wrong?.. and it wasn’t me”

NonSlut Saleslady : ” hahaha! No, nothing wrong!.. I am calling regarding your son J”

Me : ” *groan*”

NonSlut Saleslady : ” Did you Know that he turns 18 at the end of the month!!?”

Me : ” No Fucking way!!.. you are shitting me right? Demmit that kids never tells me anything!”

Nonslut Saleslady : ” uh… uhm.. ok?”

Me : ” nevermind, I will sort him out when I get home. How dare he get old without discussing it with me first!”

NonSlut Saleslady : ” no need for that, I was just phoning to ask if he wanted to continue with his benefits as he will be an …”

Me : ” No, No.. he has been looking for trouble ever since he dared to turn 16. I told him I want none of this ageing bullshit anymore but it would appear he doesn’t listen. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Bye”

I put the phone down before she could carry on.

I mean for Fucks sake.. DO I KNOW!!??? WTF is wrong with her!? I have been counting down the hours till he moves out since I brought him home!!

Asshole probably doesn’t have kids so has no clue..