So the Knuckle kidnapped the girls on Friday, while we were at work. Isn’t it just awesome how she believes to be a law upon herself?

I knew she would pull some or other shit, we even had bets on what it would be. However, kidnapping was not on the list!!  Lol, I have added it for next time.

We were going to drive over there and fetch them but decided that the girls were probably already traumatised by the wench enough for one day.

*sigh* There was a pancake and beach trip planned for yesterday morning but that has been put on ice now. 🙁 Needless to say how sad SexyG is with the way things turned out.

Pity they can’t come with us this Friday to the berg for Easter Weekend either. We have a STUNNING  guest house we are going to be staying at. With the whole 5 stars and personal chef at our disposal 😀 <– going to be frikken awesome! I am taking my bikini with so that I can work hard on my tan in order to maximise the look I am going for ..–> ‘Buff and Sporty B’

So just before I go, let me say this quickly.. I sincerely hope that the hairyknuckle’s wonky wheel turns fast and furious and that it smacks her with the same viciousness as she delivers.

Happy Sunday all !