Winning & Pain..


Yesterday saw me entering into battle with the gym instructor whilst I was informed how much fun it was to roll on the ground and keep those KNEES up!! Sound porno, right?

I wish.. I think a porno would have been less stressfull and exhausting.

Today I walk slooowly.. and carefully with my gym bag in the boot ready to be abused once more by the super buffed and insane personal trainers.

In other extremely AWESOME news!!! SexyG has had ALL his parental rights re-enforced at the family advocates meeting yesterday (as it should be) much to the upsetness of the Knuckle..she tried to shout her way out of the situation and in return had her ass handed to her. The reality is this, children have the right to see and be loved by both parents, unless the parent in question is abusive or neglectful and in such cases the access will be monitored.

Good Fathers and loving Fathers should never be denied access. EVER. I am always horrified when children are used as pawns. I am by no means a perfect mom, but I have never considered my boys as a bargaining tool.If you know someone who is battling with this or would like more info, then email me.