Big Bang – Take 56928475892…


Oh FFS, I know I promised to be polite today but I am doing all my prep for the weeks ahead and I see the document peeking from under the pile of work and my mind immediately explodes in expletives because I have to deal with HER again..

Who is this anger inducing Fucktard??, you may ask.. and I am hesitant to name her for fear that she may somehow ‘power up’ as a result.

It has been a very very long road for us with regards to access with the girls.  It has been over a year now that SexyG has even been allowed to fetch his daughters for a weekend. I often wonder what the girls must be thinking, just how much they know about the story. Do they know that every time we try to pick them up that the answer is No? Do they even know that the question is asked?

I certainly do hope she tells them of the hundreds of occasions SexyG has tried to see them, but then she will need to tell them she said no and explain to them why. So somehow I doubt it. How sad it must be for them if she allows them to believe their Dad doesn’t try to see them. How sad indeed.


And here I sit, knowing that more crap has to surface as we give it another go. I know he will be wearing his heart on his sleeve one more time in the hopes that he can tickle, play with and hug  his ‘pumpkins’. I also know that he loves them. I just wish he was allowed to show them just how much.

So in a few weeks he has a S21 workshop scheduled with her at the family advocate. We don’t know what to expect and are hoping for the best without trying to get our hopes up too high.

Obviously we don’t play the game of manipulation and deceit as well as her, so we shall just have to bring our Anti BullShit spray and decontaminate the scene when the need calls for it.

Please hold us in your thoughts as we battle with HairyKnuckle one more time.