Much sadness last night as our resident superhero hamster went off to spin that Giant hamster wheel in the sky.

Muffinator, or as she was fondly called by “Muffy” was a crazy sweet bitch who often provoked our ringneck (Oscar) to a fight or two if the cages were side by side..

Now I need to explain something, Oscar is a confused bird with the meanest streak under the sun and will body slam the cage whenever I get to close or walk past.

She hates anyone who isn’t SexyG..  and when he is in the room she whistles sweetly and makes eyes just for him.

But he gave her a boy name and doesn’t spend as much time on her as she would like (all the bloody time) so she goes about acting like a bitch with the rest of us as punishment.

So when Muffy and Oscar were side by side, it got dangerous. Muffy would tease her by kicking pellets towards Oscars cage and Oscar would attempt to chew through the bars to stab her in the eye.. And when we put Muffy’s cage on top of Oscars cage she would try throw the cage off by shifting it with her beak.


Now all that is left is the mean bird. And apparently she will live FOREVER!! Fuck.

RIP Muffin, you were tons of fun 😛