Speaking of dreams..


Last night I had a really weird dream..

I was at an amusement park of sorts which involved extremely elaborate water slides and alien type water creatures (big ones) lazing about here and there. Most of them completely harmless it seemed. Weird but true.

So there we were.. the whole crazy family doing the whole crazy family thing.. slip sliding, getting wet. Frollicking and exploring when I stumbled upon a door complete with graffiti..AND THEN!! .. my eye caught it.

The hairyknuckle had written her full name and that she was there..–> “Hairy Knuckle was here”

Followed by –>”Briget is a Whore”


I am now mad enough to phone the bitch and scream at her nonstop for at least 2 hours..*breathe* I know it is just a dream..well, kind of.

I just have  keep trying to tell myself not to phone her because it wasn’t real, it WAS just a dream… and that in fact, I am now calling myself names .. in a dream.. under the guise of the horrible HairyKnuckle.


But if I discover that the stupid bitch did do this and I am actually clairvoyant.. I will kick her fat ass until she stops enjoying it .