Got Book..


..will plan better!

I am determined to plan this thing properly, and the pieces of paper I have printed keeps falling out the plastic sleeve and honestly it  started to get awkward to manage.

So SexyG and I went and procured a fancy shmancy book that I can write in and it will help me organise it all better 🙂

Cool hey!

So the date has been set (fancy little countdown thingy in the sidebar to remind me of the flying time) and even though it is not anytime soon, I am having to get the budget together now so that I can save effectively in order to afford this entirely extravagantly expensive yet awesome of all events.

We went to go look at some really nice venues and will continue to look at places over the next few weeks until the right one (at the right price) jumps out at us with blowing trumpets and shooting confetti.

But the next thing I am going to do that is on my list.. is renew our passports. Cos I am going to go far far far away for the honeymoon. Thats for sure. I am going to get on a JetPlane and go to a crazy assed foreign place whether they have prepared for my awesomeness or not! 😉