Softlips and StinkEyes..


Moving, from the Batladies residence has been the most amazing thing I have done this year.. and I am including the Boycott ECR rampage (FB) and my Birthday BUT not including my Engagement (which tops all) and sexytime.. ehem.

I really like my new landlord, he doesn’t gamble the rent money away and then ask for more, he doesn’t scream at my visitors and he also doesn’t blame us if his computer fails/car breaks down/bread goes green…


In fact it has been soo good that coming home no longer has me fulled with dread as to what may be waiting for me there.. and this has improved my mood substantially and life dramatically.

Speaking of Birthdays , I have had the most amazing birthday month so far. Each weekend has been a weekend of love, gifts and laughter.

The one gift in particular has even resulted in me getting the stink eye with people staring open mouthed at my boob area..Let me show you why 😉

This gift can only be the work of genius from my BFF.. lol!

Now my kids have requested I not wear it to any parent-teacher evenings (which I thought would be frikken AWESOME) so I have settled to making it my Monday T shirt! Well.. that is if it is clean on a monday and my maid has burnt it in her shockhorror.

I have been feeling really disconnected to the online world this month and it is entirely my own fault as I am hunting down the perfect wedding venues and celebrating BirthdayMonth and and and..

OOOOHHHHH!!!…  speaking of plans! our wedding date is set and I shall announce the big day in my next post!  It needs it’s own post.. it demands fanfair and the whole #beegeewedding also demands a whole page of awesomeness which I will be creating for it.

Before I leave you I have one question to ask the Medically minded peeps out there..

The past few days I have been getting a stabbing sensation on the left side of my throat.. it feels like my left tonsil has procured itself a chicken bone and taken to randomly stabbing me for food?alchohol?removal?..


Have a fabulous Humpday all.. much hugs, tickles and naughty thoughts to all 😉