Buzzzzz!! Bang! Clank!


Those are the sounds I have been victim to ALL WEEKEND!!

They are coming from the garage, and I am the only one not allowed in. The kids have been sworn to secrecy and SexyG mumbles vagueness when I politely inquire as to why I am barricaded from there.

I am smart enough to realise that this is something for me.. but I am unable to tune in properly to figure out what the heck is going on!!

All I know is that it requires:

  • Drilling (lots of it)
  • Sawing (even more of that)
  • and Time (far too much of that!)

Two days already and still I am none the wiser. Apparently he plans to go back in there again tonight !

The curiosity may kill me still… But instead of banging down the door screaming obscenities, I politely while the time away with organising my multimedia data, baking and playing Sims on Facebook.

Any one out there with their telepathetic sonar on who can help me with some info??