The Fishtank…


(an excerpt ..

I can’t believe I have done this! My own shop, well half of it anyway.

I look at my side of the shop, at the line of PC’s where I envision (happy) customers sitting, reading their mail and surfing the net.

When Brenda approached me a few months ago with this proposal I was very skeptical to begin with, but it would appear it is finally coming together now.

Dare I say it? Success?

I am brought out of my daydreaming as Brenda walks into the shop “Briget, I was thinking of making my desk one big fishtank. You know, the whole bottom of the desk being the tank.”

Panic! Panic! Panic! She wants to do what!? I am hoping and praying this is a brainfart that hasn’t as of yet attached itself too firmly to her cerebral cortex..

“Uhm.. a fishtank?”

“Yes! I was thinking about it all night and I think it would be a very calming feature for people when they come in the shop”

“Oooh, I don’t know.. I have a thing about fish, they don’t have eyelids you know. And I don’t really trust anything without eyelids.”


“Yeah, I don’t know if I can sit from my side and watch these things float about leering at me all day. It will drive me to distraction, worrying about what they up to next..”

Not daring to mention that it is a stupid idea having a stinky smelly fishtank in a print/internet café.

“Hhmm, well, just think about it. I still think it is a great idea.” And with that she bounced out again leaving me to babysit the shopfitters (again).

Whew! That was a disaster averted. But I have a niggly feeling this will not be the last of her crazy stupid ideas…