Snow Frollick..


KZN is all abuzz over the white wonderland that befell us this past week.

I am no different, as I sat there in my car waiting for J to come out of school listening to everyone talk about the snow just over the hill from me,  I thought to myself, “TO HELL WITH IT!” I promptly phoned SexyG and informed him that he best pack up his desk – I am on my way to fetch him! And that was that.. I picked everyone up bundled with jerseys, blankies and happy thoughts and off we went on an adventure to do some frollicking in the snow!

Oh man, to say it was cold is like saying that the Hairyknuckles ass is huge <– HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT!!

The kids forgot/couldn’t find their gloves so when we arrived and the chill bit into them they both looked at my gloved fingers and whimpered with sad puppy dog eyes till I caved in and set a sharing scheme in place so that they both got equal warmtime ..

I also quickly discovered that the breathe holes on my takkies are not the best idea for snow walking (I am such a newbie), when my socks went from wet to icy to blocks of ice.

Yes, I looked ridiculous with three scarves, three jackets and no gloves, but since I wasn’t trying to WOW anyone with my fashion sense I couldn’t give a damn 🙂

Survival baby.. it was all about survival!!

I am glad I made the leap, I am glad I threw caution to the wind and just went for it. Because I made memories, I embraced a moment and loved every minute of it. For once I didn’t think of What if’s, I didn’t second guess myself and I just let it all be and happen. I was brave and daring and extremely happy for it.

The cautious me and paranoid me was not there in Nottingham road.. I think the cold placed her in Cryo-synthesis for the rest of the day while daredevil me danced with frostbite..:-)

I now have new pics to put in my digital frame, and these make me smile..hugely !