Tick – Tock …


This is the sound of passing time & the older we get the louder it becomes..


If this makes no sense to you then you are probably younger than me and this is not an endearing quality so stop smiling and bugger off.

But for those of you, nodding  and mumbling with cotton balls in your ears may grab a glass of wine and read on.

ANGER – Whereas before I would just haul my bitch out and beat you with it in fury over injustice, I am now reaching out my hand to you in an attempt to foster understanding on my path to empathetic understanding.


This does not come easy as I find myself wanting to slam my head against a brick wall till I pass out… Yes,  I am going through a painful process of growing up.

Don’t get me wrong, I will still call you an asshole and probably throw in a few ‘eff u’s’ for good measure before I pull myself to a more sane stance of understanding and acceptance.

The truth is that I had noticed that my anger and frustration was interfering with my day to day existence and just ‘letting go’ has in fact made me happier almost instantly to be honest.

I have also come to the realisation that my expectations are quite unrealistic and that just accepting that not everything needs to be perfect and that it is OK to just allow things to be.

But most importantly I now realise that unfairness does not HAVE to mean unhappiness, unfairness is a part of life and I will not pin my happiness on the fairness of life. It is ridiculous that I allow unfairness to bring me down.

I choose happiness, I choose to accept that at times, It is just the way of things.

This is not easy on one hand, but is very easy on the other… I just keep looking at my post it’s on my desk to get me through.

Growing pains, eh 😉

“Forgiving is not Forgetting, It is Remembering and Letting Go..”