Saturday Satire…

The subject of piles came up the other day while chatting with a friend of mine.. don’t ask me how this came about because I was convinced we were talking about garden furniture!

Anyhoo.. he then went on to tell me of a sure fire way to get rid of them and it was such solid advice I thought that it would be brilliant to share with everyone  in case any of you were afflicted with this.. uhm.. issue.

  • Step One – Get a box of matches
  • Step Two – Drop your pants and bend over
  • Step Three – Light a match and (this is the magic part) push it up your bumhole.

Now I should tell you that this may hurt like a MOTHERTRUCKER,

BUT not only will it get rid of the nasty affliction but if it ever happens again all you need to do is..

….shake a box of matches.