So last night… erhm..

…I had the weirdest dream!

Now I cannot remember all the details but it involved…

Me —Naked—With Lunchbars on my body—Being Photographed!


So the thing is this.. I don’t know how I ended up like that. But I do know that I was far more concerned about the fact that the choc was melting than I was about being naked..O_o!!!??

.. The rest is fuzzy, and I don’t actually want to explore who the person was weilding the camera or who the other person was in the room for fear of the answers.

Wish my dreams weren’t so messed up in obscurity and bullshit. Why doesn’t my subconcious just chat to me like a normal person instead of treating every situation like I am a clairvoyant crime scene investigator in need of a puzzle to solve?