Potty Mouth Alert!!!

Have you ever thought of what your name would be if you were a super hero?

Being a girl, I always thought of sexy names like ‘The Giggler’ or ‘PoleDancer’ or even the sexiest of them all ‘Briget‘.. But after a convo yesterday I have the perfect Superhero(ess) name …EVER!!


~~The Fuckster’s Signature Move – The RunningFuckSlap speaks for itself~~

Now before you groan and send the swear police after me, think about it. It is LEGENDARY stuff!

NewsPaper Headlines soon to be seen:-

  • He was given a very well deserved … RunningFUCKSlap! <-personal favourite
  • The Fuckster will .. Fuck You Up!
  • Criminal was found mumbling that he  … was fucked!
  • Don’t make a …fucking move!
  • The Fuckster..fucked him over!

Also the following are examples of how ‘The Fuckster’ will influence language:

  • Aggression: Don’t ‘fuck’ with me.
  • Amazement: Infuckingcredible!
  • Assurance: Absofuckinglutely.
  • Difficulty: I’m having a fuck of a time with this.
  • Disagreement: Fuck you!
  • Dismay: Fuck it.
  • Dismissal: Fuck off.
  • Fraud: I got fucked on that deal.
  • Incompetence: What a fuckup.
  • Inquiry: What the fuck?
  • Pleasure: Fanfuckingtastic!
  • Satisfaction: Fucking “A” man!
  • Trouble: Now I’m fucked.

Sooooo.. as you can see. The Fuckster will encourage everyone to embrace the versatility of the word by fighting crime and kicking ass!!

Now I am off to sew me a spandex suit if anyone needs me..