Haikona Wena!

This was uttered an inordinate amount of times yesterday..

Joy-eee-cee was unhappy. There was no tea all morning. As the kettle was already at the new place and she was tasked with helping me clean up the old place.

I tried to indicate that if we got through it quickly there was tea and lunch waiting on the other side. But she pretended she couldnt hear me. I think she enjoys the thought of sufferings…lol!

With Joy-eee-cee there is no such thing as quick. In fact I find myself mostly having to walk away or do it for her in frustration. So armed with the task at hand she thought the best way to while the time was to engage me with some conversation. In fact, she would follow me from room to room to gain an audience.

Things I learnt yesterday:

  1. Goggo’s (mature african ladies) should always wear their doekies or they will be seen as young regardless and not respected by their community (aka Joy-eee-cee… she told me she wont make space for them to sit at the busstop even if their legs are wobbling) After all, they need to embrace their age and not flout their exposed heads like young children.
  2. My feet are inconsiderately too big for her. How is she supposed to fit into my shoes?
  3. If Joy-eee-cee wears a skirt that exposes her ‘top ankles’ (I call them calves) she feels naked and wont leave the house..
  4. Apparently her daughter thinks she is in love with me because she uses my name too often.
  5. Sea sand has far reaching medicinal and traditional values and the fact that I have not taken her to fetch some lately is causing much unhappiness to her body.
  6. Joy-eee-cee uses the phrase “fuckedup” quite a lot.
  7. Next time pack a picnic basket..

Eventually, we got done with the tasks at hand but I am not sure how much of it was done by me or by her..