Knuckle Down…

So the move is underway, I am buried beneath boxes, armed with a packing type roller and seriously unafraid to use it.

Not only is it moving time but I am having to go through the boxes that I didn’t even open the last time I moved.. So I am taking the time now to declutter and donate. I am going to do an ‘easydoesit’ move, not wanting to do it all in one day.

So with the physical declutter of my surroundings I attempted once more to arrange a meeting with the HairyKnuckle so that we can discuss between all of us an appropriate arrangement with regards to access for the girls.  With the current NO ACCESS not being appropriate, of course. This was all spurred on as well by having just read in the Mercury how a Mother was put in Westville Prison for 60 Days because she was withholding access from the Dad.

I then email her with a reminder that she agreed to every second weekend at the Magistrates Court a few years ago and since then if SexyG has had his daughters for the weekend a dozen times it is a lot. I then suggested a meeting at her discretion between all of us. I only include myself as she has mentioned issue with my boys. My boys are an issue for her because they are boys. And apparently boys only think with their genitals and she doesn’t want them around HER girls.. Doesn’t matter if they are only 12 and don’t even know how to pee straight yet.. o_O!? Well, that was ONE of her last excuses as to why they can’t come over.

I need to stress I was positive in my email to her and hopeful even, that she would agree to the meet.

Anyway, let me show you rather what was said..

Dear HairyKnuckle,

I am attaching an article you may find interesting. We still have a letter here that you signed at the Magistrates court on the 25th August 2006 (stamped and dated by the magistrate) laying out terms of access (every 2nd weekend) which you have and still are, refusing to honor.
A better system needs to be put in place so that SexyG has fair access to his daughters
We are open to discuss this with you anytime. Perhaps this weekend we can meet for coffee?

Kindest Regards

And her response …

Dear Briget,

I would like to bring to your attention that you have absolutely nothing to do with this case nor does your “interesting article” pertain to anything relating to this situation.  Kindly refrain from contacting me from here on out as should your unnecessary harrassment continue, I will be forced to have an interdict put in place against you.  All relevant communications regarding the girls, from now forward, will be entertained between myself and SexyG only.


Well, I suppose I should have known better than to expect anything  more from her. She has no problems contacting me when she needs money for the the extra’s for the girls such as stationary and sports equipment, nor does she have any issue when requesting MY financial statements so that she can claim more maintenance from SexyG. But let me step in with a request for decency and she slams me down with a threat.

SexyG will email her again, but I think she will just do what she always does. Ignore his request.

Perhaps the time has come for us to roll up our sleeves and contact the Family Advocate and arbitrate through them. It is never pretty when you get the law involved with regards to children and no one ever really wins, but enough is enough already.