TMJ <-- not a rapper..

Dentist said NO! to the GumGuard..

Well, first he said Yes.. then he said No <– after we tried to click my jaw closed. Can you say AWKWARD!?

Instead he gave me a referral to a Maxillio face dude.. and said I need a Jaw-scan and help. So apparently the Maxillio dude will give me the Jaw-scan but for the other I need a shrink.

So after I flipped him the bird for being a total and complete dickhead (laughed at me before assisting in the jaw closure) I took his referral slippy and that is where I am now.

I am sitting here at my desk in tremendous pain that his aneasthetic did not cover during the molar repair. Next time I am asking for extra drugs to cover the TMJ pain.

TMJ is a fucked up bullshit story condition that develops in neurotic bitches like myself who grind and clench all day and all night long.

Grin and Bear it takes on a whole new meaning…

I will need to make this call but I am scared of what they are going to say.. it will be one more thing to stress and worry about.But I suppose I am stressing and worrying about it anyway.. Catch 22.

Decisions Decisions..

P.S. If you gave to many blowjobs while using drugs you may need to go see a Maxillio face Dude too.. sounds serious 😉