Warning Signs..

I really wish I was one of those chicks that dropped weight by the bucket load when stress levels get high..

But alas, I am not one of those. In fact I have a nasty little habit that is costing me more money, pain and anxiety than I can afford.

“Hi there, My name is Briget and I am a grinder…”

I have chewed through gum guards, broken my teeth, bitten my tongue and have a mandible (jaw joint) that that locks up often <– all due to my nasty little habit. I am almost as bad as a meth addict sometimes.

I don’t only do it at night.. No, I have caught myself physically prying my teeth loose with my tongue during the day too. To say that it is weird not being able to pry your mouth open is an understatement.

I have even had nightmares of me waking up one morning with all my teeth broken in my mouth ! Not cool at all..

I am sharing this super scary fact about myself so that you will understand me when I tell you that I am now on my way to the dentist.

Yes, you have it. I have broken my teeth (again). #FUCK!

Two molars back in for repairs.. #FUCK!

Stress is not friendly to my teeth and I am going to have to pick up another gum guard today to alleviate the pressure during this crazy time and hopefully it wont be chewed up in the first night again…