Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll…

WOW!! I really MISS this blogging stuff hey!

I often find myself mumbling under my breathe.. ” the blog is strong in this one..” <– #truestory

So what the heck have I been up to lately?¹ More importantly, why did I leave?²

¹Well, I have been catching up with my mental illness.. It tends to get ahead of itself sometimes.

²And I needed to take a break to do this because I was suffering with NoChewWalkinism™

WTF is this NoChewWalkinism™ !!!????!!!  I hear you ask.. let me explain:

NoChewWalkinism™ – well, it is simple, the person afflicted is unable to chew bubblegum and walk at the same time. It affects 8 out of 10 ppl everyday and can disappear as suddenly as it appears.

Symptoms: Drooling, incoherent speech, lots of pointing, staggered speech interrupted by staggered walk.

Who is vulnerable: Any person at any age who are currently stressed or mentally exhausted, new parents and apparently me.

How to treat: lots of sex (according to SexyG) , mental rest, removal of unnecessary items from plate and panado.

I am now cured… #thank f*k.

So in the spirit of all things good and friendly let me share some insightfullness (my armpit) with you…


There I said it. The stone throwing may commence now.

Let’s be honest here for a minute, they simply cannot deal with peer pressure. And if the “cool kids” give them any attention (even if they are fat old ladies) they giggle and give them free reign.

They just cannot say no in fear of being rejected again even if  the “cool kids” are actually assholes who should be kicked in the nuts (repeatedly).

I witnessed such kak behaviour the other day at a business meeting by self proclaimed “cool kids” (I think they are assholes) mocking non present members and watched as nothing was done to stop it because the so called “leader” was too afraid to put them in their place.. Hand me the gavel, bitch. Let me show you how it is done!

We are fucking adults for crying out loud! Disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated in my court, comprehende!?

Anyway, we will see what happens as I have tossed around some apples in the cart exposing the rotten ones as it were.

I think if people are going to be put in leadership roles they need to be strong and sensible enough to deal with situations that are tough and it most definitely is not for those looking for some last vestige of popularity.. leaders are seldom loved.. they are mostly respected and/or feared.

So what have you all been upto?? I am going to do my rounds on all the blogs and attempt to catch up as much as POSSIBLE!! (This may take a while but I can do eeeeet!)