Not a “Goodbye” a “See you soon”..

This is the not your standard absentee post where I apologise for being absent, where I say how I will do better, where I explain how hectic my life is..

Instead, I am going to tell you straight how it is. The truth is that …My boss only gives me 20 min a day to go potty and eat before forcing me back at the coalmines!

Ok, that’s not entirely true 😉 I don’t work with coal..

My reality is this —> I am swamped mentally and physically! Between family squabbles, the resident gambling addict,  hairyknuckle, packing, unpacking, watching my waistline, work, the stress of work, the stress of home, the kids, court, finances, work, clients, politics, and my inbox. I am finding almost zero time to do the things I need to do let alone the things I want to do..

And since I am a grown up and everything I need to make the tough decision here and say:

See you later..

This is not forever, it is just for a few weeks or so 😉 Just until the dust settles, until the air clears and until my focus is less scattered amongst the fragments of my existence.

Besides there is a wedding I need to plan and how the heck am I going to be able to do that without your help??

Much Love, Hugs and Smooches