Bullcrapper all blown out..

So Yesterday I had a meeting with Teacher X and the Principal of the school, ready to deal with the problem at hand..

There I sat, with the Principal to my left and Teacher X to the right. Teacher X keeps trying to explain herself, she keeps telling me that she didn’t mean any harm, she keeps smiling at the principal.


I don’t care. If there is anything my Dad taught me is this:

Just because they think they are right, doesn’t mean you are wrong.

So I allowed them to cover each others back, I sat back and watched them explain how they are only acting in the best interest of the children. I wanted to give them the opportunity to be heard, after all. I listened to them stumble over their words as they told me it had nothing to do with religion and desperately tried to  hide the text on the DVD that states “GOD is good” and skim over the part where the DVD brands musicians with a brush of negativity and evil doing.

My turn now.. Holding out the Curriculum statement I then asked Teacher X to show me where this “educational segment” was covered under.. (a pause) “Uhm, well, you see we don’t follow the curriculum strictly as it is only a guideline.. blah blah blah blah..”

” Mrs X, opinion is a terrible thing and guided by individual perspective. Some say Noddy is Gay because he shares a bed with Big Ears, I say he is a cute little guy with a really good friend. Some  people say that Tinky Winky is gay because he has a handbag, I say that tinkywinky is a sexless mumbling idiot and we should be more concerned that the Tellytubbies seems incapable of talking properly.. ” I told her with a calmness I did not feel.

That was the beginning of more Treadmill talk (jibber-jabber going nowhere) from Teacher X with the Principal agreeing with her.

I had to keep reminding myself that my goal was to prevent Teacher X from ever pulling this kind of shit again, to show her that not all parents will allow her to spew her unfounded beliefs on their children, and that giving her a very much deserved smack would not be constructive.

“Just want you both to know something here today. Just because I am the only parent that has come forward complaining about this DVD, and the teachings of Teacher X does not mean I am alone. I do not need to remind you that I have not contacted any of the other parents in D’s class and therefore have not created unnecessary drama. I came to Teacher X first, then arranged this meeting…

I am better than her. I will not stoop to her level of idiocy and prescribe to her hype. But I did leave her with this:

“Ok, so let me make myself completely clear and understood before I leave today. I do not ever want my son exposed to this crap again. I also think that perhaps in future you should stick to the subjects as set out for you by the Educational department and leave the parenting to those who spent the time in the labour ward with them. I will not be as lenient next time and cannot promise to only bring this to YOUR attention if this happens again..”

And with that I got up, thanked them for their time. And left, leaving them to absorb what I had said to them.

I did not lose my temper, I did not allow them to bully me. And I allowed them to save some face by not demanding public admission of wrongdoing. I just  went in there, stated my feelings on the issue and thereby created awareness for them that what they do is not going unchecked.

But you have to ask yourself, what are your teachers saying to your kids right now?