Different Eyes..

I had it all planned out.. Wake up early on Sat morning, and then Pack and Move, Pack and Move, Pack and Move and the some more Packing and Moving until Sunday evening whereby I can collapse in a dusty corner in the foetal position, clutching my packing tape until all consciousness evaporates …

Then… life takes pity on my soul and decides to cut my extreme work ethic to a halt and show me the true meaning of life.

I get a call from my BFF (QueenG) at 4am Sunday .. her daughter is in hospital. It is TIME!

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!Ā  ” OK! I will right there!”

I wake SexyG up and he insists on driving to fetch QueenG and dropping us off at the hospital. I nod as I am still tired from the long day before… The drive is long, and I become anxious as I hear that there is some foetal distress. We are racing at this stage.

This was the start of a long long morning staring down this corridor at the Labour Ward right at the end:-


Why were we staring?? Because no one is allowed in the labour ward. NO ONE! Not even the father of the child.. nobody!Ā  Apparently this is because they have adopted an open plan birthing scheme of sorts and probably have a matron walking up and down the rows of beds shouting at the pregnant ladies.. “Breathe in.. breathe out! … Come on LADIES!! You can doo eeeeett!!!!”

So there we were.. two almost Grannies, one almost Daddy and other randoms (including me) practically staring the door into activity for what felt like days but was prob only a few hours..

Eventually, they decided that there was no other choice, baby was becoming quite distressed and she wasn’t progressing like she should be. Not to mention she was exhausted from being in labour the night before.

So there we sat.. staring at a different door, each person regaling their own war stories of c section’s past, while we chew our nails waiting to hear if Shells is ok and to meet the new addition!

37 Minutes later the door slides open and we jump to attention.. the nurse gets a half panicked look on her face as she sees us descend upon her.. two grannies and a daddy plus other randoms (including me).. she speeds up pushing the incubator trolley and ducks behind a door just before got there.. Our faces pressed against the glass , pleading for a teensy weensy glance at the little pumpkin!

They must’ve felt sorry for us because shortly thereafter one of them came out.. smiled, and gestured inside saying ” only two at a time..” And just like that we had formed a queue and the daddy and one of the granny’ pushed past squealing with glee..


šŸ™‚ QueenG with her Grandson šŸ™‚


I got a chance to hold a Brand New BABY!!

Name : Trent

DOB: 13 March 2011

Weight: 3.3kg’s

Status: The cutest little button EVER!


All puckered out, wanting his mommy and a doodoo.. Can you say AAAWWWW!!!

After the introductions we all scattered like wild donkeys (yes, wild donkeys) to the shops in a scramble for nappies and other essentials (I told you it was a surprise, he wasn’t due to arrive for a couple weeks still!!)

If this weekend taught me anything it is this:

Things may do not always go as planned, sometimes they go better šŸ™‚

Hope you all had a Super Fabulous and Happy Monday everyone.. I know I am still smiling šŸ™‚