More Nauseating Crap…

I have made some phonecalls.. and got several emails in regarding costing.

Hairy ShitBalls On Fire!!!

It is insanely expensive trying to arrange an engagement party!! All I want is a quiet venue with a buffet type setup so that I can (over)share all the mushy details of my soon to be nuptials with the SexyG.. Is that really too much to ask?


Even though this is not a first time for me, it feels like it is, as the first time around was a rushed affair with me having little if anything really to do with it. (Not forgetting to mention that the whole thing was organised and done in a 3 week window).. <– Can you say Shotgun?!?


This time around I want everything to be proper, I want it to be organised to death.. and I do not want to rush into anything!

I want a BIG ASSED Folder overflowing with quotes and samples and appointments and ToDo’s and and and and!!!!!

Go ahead, laugh! Laugh at my insanity of behaving like a virgin bride.. I don’t mind.  Insanity is all part and parcel of getting married isnt it?

*double sigh*

If all else fails though, I may have to call everyone and tell them to bring some boerie, I am starting a braai 😉