OMG x 2 million..

It started like a day like any other.. .. It started with the rising of the sun and the yells for the kids to get their lazy bums out of bed.. The day started with coffee..

It ended completely different though. It ended in far too much snogging to be declared decent, it ended in a whole bunch of OMG’s and it ended with the change of status.

As stated here and here.. I am not a HUGE fan of Veeday as it is just unfair to place so much pressure on singles and couples alike to prove their love to each other by means of material goods and PDA’s.. However SexyG insisted we go out and he then booked us tickets (nonrefundable, I asked) at the Ushaka Aquarium Valentine’s Dinner.

So we went

It was actually totally awesome munching away while watching the fishies swim past (all except for *WhiteLip  that had WAY too much attitude, he knows who he is). If the tank wasn’t sealed I would’ve thrown some scraps at them for being so damn well behaved. Some of them posed for photo’s, others swam past quickly showing me their bum.


Anywayyyyyyyyyyy… so afterwards, the room started clearing out and we found ourselves almost all alone still staring at the tank teasing the fish when we decided to end our evening off by walking through the aquarium so that we can find other weird looking fish we can tease.

And there were so many and I will be here all day if I had to get into detail here now. Such as the sole fish, the upside down jellyfish and the Giant Groupie/Groupa/Gthing ..

After what was probably an insane amount of time, I realised that we were in danger of getting locked in because no one will even know we still there.. and I started panicking like only I can!! You now, heavy breathing, manic looks in all directions for the nearest exit and the clutching of a cellphone that had boggerall signal down there anyway! When SexyG grabbed me, told me to relax and assured me that we wouldn’t get locked in there.. I made him promise.

He just stood there holding me against him, he leaned in and whispered for me to close my eyes because he has a pressie for me. I giggled a little and closed my eyes.

A long pause, a very long pause.. and then he did it. He did the one thing I least expected. He did the thing I have been waiting for him to do for a looong time. He asked me to spend the rest of my life with him, He asked me to marry him.

I didn’t say a thing, I couldn’t actually talk so all I did was grab him and kiss him hard and long. I had no words for what felt like ages, had no idea how to react and in fact laughed a little as he put the ring on my finger and asked him “are you sure?” <— what a fucking stupid question!


I then pulled myself towards myself and repeatedly uttered the word yes while bestowing him with kisses and smiles.

OMG!! I am engaged to the man of my dreams, I am promised to one that makes my knees weak and my heart bippity bip..

I love you SexyG and I am proud to call you mine, now and forever <3

Crap how I am going to get any work done now??


*A stumpie/rockhad thingymabob fish