Farts in the mist..

Woke up this morning, and had a moment when I thought about making this my very last post of BecauseIcan.co.za.

That moment is now over as I have realised I still have a bunch of shit to say.. <– #TrueStory

I may not blog as much though for the next little while, as I attempt to get past Chapter One. BUT I just want to let you know how much I enjoy this medium in where I share the randomness of my existence and therefore not feel as lonely as all that.

Share #1 –  I like grapes, they are juicy and sweet and if you squish it and leave it in a wooden barrel for a little while they turn into an amazing beverage that gives me a very happy feeling..

Share #2 –  my eldest brother whom I haven’t spoken to since my dad passed away in 2000 recently got into contact with me, but it would appear only to get my dad’s ID number for something or other.. (family can be such fucking assholes)

Share #3 – I have got a new sign for the office. It is a small handheld device that is dual (yes, dual) sided!! And that’s not ALL!! If you walk past my desk and stare you may find yourself on the receiving end of one of these sides..



*Technically I didn’t make the signs, it was made for me. App to discourage my middle finger showage..

Enough of the ‘speaking de kak’ for a Friday..  Have a fabulous FABULOUS Wunderbar weekend and remember: If you can’t be good, name it after me (or send me the pics…) 😉