Engaging in Conspiracies of..


This is what we should all be doing during this festive season.

Now I am not advocating you go covet the neighbours wifey or hug an angry rhino. No-no-no-no.. I am saying, open your heart and mind to others and put aside your crappola even if it is just for a moment.


Christmas means soo many things to so many people and as I am not able to speak for all, I am going to  tell you what Christmas means to me.

We all  know the semantics surrounding the 25th Of December. It is the birthday of Jesus (not actually the official day but close enough), and if you ask any kid  it is about the Jolly Santa Claus who moves at impressive speeds for a fat dude all over the world delivering gifts to those that have been good and dropping coal (reindeer poo) in your sock if you are bad..

For me, Christmas means family, its all about the family. The peeps that have been around the longest. They know all your secrets and not afraid to tell them to anyone within earshot, they love you regardless all your faults yet hold grudges over that chocie that disappeared 20 years ago from their cupboard, they embarrass you with a smile and protect you fiercely with kitchen utensils. They are the ones you can turn to when you are sad, they are the ones that are fearless in calling you an asshole when you behave like one.  And whether by blood or default, this is what Christmas means to me…

For us as kids my Dad put on huge elaborate displays and decorations, and my mom would cook enough food to feed a small army (just barely enough for my brothers). The day would start with early rising, convening in front of the tree and the handing out of gifts to all. This would be then be followed by food, food, and more food.. extended family and friends streaming in and out of the house throughout the day and much merriness just flowing about. My mother never once would remove her apron. That stayed. It was the one day that none of us argued, none of us misbehaved and all of us just chilled and shared while my Dad ensured that Boney M was on repeat in the background.

Now that my parents are no more, there are no big displays of food and elaborate decorations, but I try to keep the feeling of family for the kids. I get them to decorate the tree anyway they want. It isn’t much but I do what I can and hopefully just the look on my face, the feeling in my heart and my stories I share, will give them the understanding that Christmas is more than just a Holy Birthday, it is more than a fat dude spanking reindeer around the world. It is family, far and wide. It is about love, big and small. It is about sharing moments with your nearest in dearest the best way you can…