This and that..

What a weekend people!! What a weekend!!


  • Fri – The Spud movie was awesome, John Cleese did an amazing job as “the Guv” and Troy Sivan was an excellent “Spud”. I laughed so much at the antics of the “Crazy Eight” , I fell in love with “Spud” and shed a tear for “Ghecko”.. I also got to see the fabulous Sheena, the awesome Cath and the vivacious Bridget!!
  • Sat/Sun – The weekend in the berg was almost canceled due to some hassles with my sisters brakes but that was sorted and a WONDERFUL time was had by all. I hardly did anything besides laugh, smile and watch the kids and family with enormous love in my heart. We all shared our own private moments of sadness for people gone and then continued with celebrating the living by laughing hard and sharing love for each other. There was a moment in there where I almost set my self on fire not knowing how to operate the gas stove, but disaster was averted with the help of Rocket. The most amazing thing was how the kids just took it in stride that there was no electricity and went out and explored the mountain side and swam in the dam without ONE SINGLE WHINE about being bored. They just totally integrated as if it was the norm.
  • Monday – was a hectic day made worse because for some insane reason I was exhausted like no other.Perhaps all the Fresh air trying to kill me.
  • And Today, I initiated the process to revert back to my Maiden name.. Its extremely overdue but some things happen in the time that gets allocated to them.. and this is the time allocated to it.

Going to be nice being referred to by the name my Daddy gave me..