My list..

Today I am checking the items on my list..


This list consists of things that need to be packed, done and checked before I leave this afternoon. I wont return here till Sunday (which is just as well because Batlady has once again arranged to collect the girls on SexyG’s weekend so we wont have the awkwardness of seeing them but not seeing them..).

We were going to take the girls with us, but apparently HairyKnuckle and Batlady have their own ideas in life.. so we will let them be… (for now)

I am going to the Berg this weekend, not exactly sure where it is yet but there was mention that GPS coordinates will be sent later this evening and that I should just head towards Mooiriver in the!

Also, just discovered there is no electricity there either, only gas stoves and gas heating (geysers). So to say it will be interesting is an understatement of epic proportions.The kids will probably walk around in a fugue just staring at their phones/mp4 players unsure of what to do next 😉

All I do know is that I am going to pack copious amounts of alcohol in preparation…

But it will be good, it will be fine, it is probably just what is needed. As this weekend is a very difficult weekend for many of us. This weekend we remember, we remember those who have passed. My sister and I will be reliving the moment when our mom was soo painfully taken from us. Rocket will be remembering his brother on his birthday.. SexyG will be wrestling with some monsters and  together we will raise our glasses and celebrate life. Together we will, love, laugh and live.

In the meantime, I will continue to check my list…In the meantime I will make sure nothing is forgotten and later on I will be crossing fingers and twisting nipples that I don’t get horribly lost while I await the GPS coordinates 😉