Eff you & the horse you beat!

I am soooooooooooooooo fucking  over YOU & YOUR BULLSHIT!


There is stupid..

There is Fucking stupid…

There is Unbelievably fucking stupid..

Then there is you..

You want EVERYTHING for nothing.. Read your fucking contract bitch. I am not commissioned to do half the shit you insist on and keep bitching about. The fact that I am doing it should be testimant to how fucking awesome I am but instead all you do is hurl abuse at me??

Isn’t it funny how you keep touting about your Christianity and how you live the life of a good Christian, throwing your church going skills like its a reference. I personally believe you use it like a Trojan Horse to infiltrate situations only to plunder and rape others..

So fuck you.. and your fucking husband. I officially don’t give a fuck and will now strip out all the extras and only give you the barebones I fucking quoted  you for, you fucking stupid retarded waste of oxygen.

And if you email me one more time screaming breach of fucking contract in order to make me do more for you, I will drive over there and beat you with it as you obviously can’t fucking read either.

Stupid motherfuckers.