Monsters come in all shapes and sizes..

Give me a Zombie anyday, at least with a  zombie there is no ulterior motive. It wants to eat my flesh and that’s that.


BatLadies and Hairyknuckles on the other hand are conniving two faced bitches who are driven by evil and do as they please in random formation 24/7.

And just when you think you have it figured out they change the rules.. you know what I mean?

This morning I said an awful thing.. and hate that I felt that way but enough is enough sometimes.. I told SexyG I am over trying to make plans with his girls, Everytime I try Hairyknuckle gives us a lame assed excuse about how they have other plans blah blah blah only to discover afterwards that it was a lie (obviously) and that they went to Batlady’s (RIGHT NEXT DOOR!) which we only find out when they leave to go home.

How fucked up is that shit?

But I am only human and I just can’t take anymore. I can’t keep putting things on hold or planning around hairyknuckle and her periods any more. I am aware that the girls will suffer for the sins of the knuckle but I am putting my family on hold and most of the time get shot down.

So next weekend we plan to take the kids to the Harlequins Guy Fawkes Funfair and even though it is our weekend with all of the kids, I am not holding my breathe and will just take it as it comes. The same for Christmas and every other event from now on.

Hairyknuckle and Batlady  are so far up each others asses you can only see the ankles dangling out these days.. and it is not the prettiest of sites. Hairyknuckle says that she doesn’t care about Batlady and her problems.. and Batlady says she doesn’t want to rock the boat with Hairyknuckle or she wont be able to see the girls either. And together they are fucken horrible lying bitches.

🙁 🙁

I just wish that I had my mom here now, she would know what I should do.