I know what you (said) last night…

Bastards.. Kids think they are such clever Bastards!!

Every time I look at my boys they are on their phones, typing away on mxit .. chatting up a storm. But let me ask them a question and all I get is a grunt, a mumble or general vagueness!


It is no wonder that we asย  parents want to find out what the kids are saying on Mxit and other Chat programs.. it’s not like they are talking to us, is it?

There is the safety aspect (obviously) but there is also the general question of WHAT THE FRIK IS GOING ON WITH YOU?? or the other HOW THE HELL ARE YOU?? <– and since these bastards are all mumbles, grunts and hand gestures we are now taking to peaking a look at their phones..


It is IMPOSSIBLE to decypher the crap that they type as it is acronymed and misspelt soo badly it is almost an entire language on its own! And as difficult as it is to comprehend, they don’t misspell on purpose, this is really just the education department letting the children down once again as they no longer enforce proper language in high schools.

*moment of silence for the English language*

Anyway, I have decided to foil the children’s attempts at vagueness for parents everywhere. I have compiled a list of acronyms that may help when reading that rubbish so that you can wipe that smile off ofย  the buggers face when he types PAW on Mxit and then you can pipe up “You betcha ass I am watching” ๐Ÿ˜‰ …

  • BRB – be right back
  • CD9 – Code 9 (means parents are around)
  • GNOC – get naked on cam (webcam) <– pervs
  • G2G – got to go
  • IDK – I don’t know
  • IRL -In real life
  • LMIRL – let’s meet in real life
  • LOL – laugh out loud
  • MOS – mom over shoulder <– see, bastards!
  • NooB – insulting someone who is new or doesn’t know much about something
  • NMU – not much, you?
  • PAW – parents are watching
  • PIR – parent in room
  • S2R – send to receive (pictures)
  • TDTM – talk dirty to me
  • KPC – keeping the parents clueless <– more smack talk! (they talk I smack)
  • 420 – Marijuana
  • 8 – Oral sex (whatever happened to 69?)
  • Banana – penis
  • LTR – later
  • CULTR – see you later
  • WUD – what you doing?
  • MEH – means so-so or just okay
  • N1 – nice one
  • NVM – nevermind

There are tons more I am sure, but this is a good start to decyphering the lingo.. have you got any to add??