Blundering Barnacles, Ballfests & Wrinkles…

In a short while (9 days, 12 hours, 12 minutes and 40 seconds to be exact) I will be a year older, a year wiser, and sport another years worth of wrinkles to show off to the world.


Being the ever constant Virgo that I am , I have OBVIOUSLY organised a get together marking this event.

This year it will be very small scale and have invited only a handful of the nearest and dearest including the obligatory hooligan to keep things real. There will be a multitude of balls to suit everyones needs and/or wants and I insist there be much flinging of said balls 😉

I have asked everyone to NOT buy me presents this year <– which is sooooooooooooo unlike me but there is a method to mine madness.. I am still trying DESPERATELY to get a new set of wheels as my Jetta hasn’t been running for over a month now. SO I am completely reliant on SexyG to drive me around these days.

So I am asking everyone in Lieu of gifts to please rather spread the word of the MyR260Car fund and perhaps help me achieve my goal of getting a car.

The car I am after has come down in value from R130 000 to R109 000 so I don’t need as many participants as I originally thought.

However, at the moment I am still short of 378 particpants. Which feels like an impossible task right now but being the stubborn fool that I am I refuse to give up 🙂