Thundering Thursday…


One of the negative things about me is the laughing, now before you raise your quizzical brow and ask ” how can laughing be a negative thing?” I must tell you more..

If you fall, I laugh..

If something breaks, I laugh..

In fact if I fall I laugh..

If you chase me I run screaming and laughing away..

When the dog craps on your shoes, I laugh..

If you reverse into the wall I laugh..

When I broke down in the pouring rain and got soaked to the bone just opening the bonnet, I laughed..

Most things barring torture,rape,murder and other such heinous crimes, get me giggling before I can stop myself..

It all comes across as slapstick to me.

I am a giggling snorter (full stop)

It has however been brought to my attention once again how my laughing is not always appropriate and I should learn to curb the giggles and snorts.

*le sigh*

I am trying, ok!?