Caught in the act!

SexyG has a jar on his desk, and inside this jar are M&M’s..He loves to grab a handful when he is deeply entrenched in coding some or other app/development project. It is his thing, you know. Some guys chew bubblegum, others squeeze balls but my guy nibbles on M&M’s..

So from time to time I will buy him some more to keep his jar full and his work happy πŸ™‚ This makes me a very good GF and he rewards me over and over again in copious amounts of happy moments.. <–perfect example of win-win

What I did not know is the process he embarks upon when placing these M&M’s in the jar. Yesterday I walked in and witnessed the process with much amusement.

Firstly, he puts them all on a white sheet of paper to remove any broken ones from the equation, then he sorts them in rows (colour coordinated) one packet at a time.. then he counts them to ensure there are exactly 45 M&M’s per packet (cos apparently that is how many are supposed to be in a packet).. then once all the packets are opened and laid before him he checks for defects AGAIN before promptly sliding them all carefully in his jar..






..After πŸ˜‰


I do love him soo soo!

So what does your ‘lovesqueeza’ do that makes you giggle??!?!