Fairytales, Heels & Hungarians..

It is the story we all read about as little girls, the fair maiden gets swept off her feet by the gallant prince and they kiss and all the flowers bloom, the sun refuses to set and all the world smiles with them.

I am not sure how to properly thank Angel & Neel’s for inviting us to join them on their special day, their wedding which has been touted as being the Wedding of the Century and The first Live Streamed Wedding in SA  🙂 AND (that’s not all) if you have a dodgy net connection you could catch all the action *LIVE* via twitter #AnGlugWedding !

….But I will start by sending them happy hugs each morning telepathetically for the next week!

SexyG and I had a truly fabulous time, the moments are too many to mention in just one post but here goes a quick snapshot :

  • The dress!!! OMG THE DRESS!!! What a beeeeautiful Dress! Angel made the Dress look AMAZING!
  • I was serenaded but a Saxophonist <-right word?? while munching down on a delectable cupcake ..
  • I IRL/F2F Acidicice, SleepyJane, RubyLetters, CyberSass, Wenchy, Sproutsmom, Tamara & Louisa for the first time ..  😀
  • Exmi, Shebeegee, Laura, Jenty, SnowgooseSA, JacksonFiles and I reconnected like Homies.. 😛
  • SexyG twirled me on the dancefloor like I was princess (hope no one noticed my two left feet clearly tucked away in my heels)
  • The Photobooth was the drug of choice for many (you KNOW who you are ..LOL) I on the other hand was obviously very well behaved..
  • Brain Freeeze <– I was a victim. Someone and I am not pointing fingers tried to kill my cerebral function  with ICE..lol!
  • Cobblestones are not high heel friendly..*sigh*
  • Exmi showed me how daft I was to wear shoes.. cos stockings obviously rock much better at these events..
  • Angels dad made me cry with his speech.. as did Cath’s poem..
  • I didn’t tweet or FB the entire night because I wanted to do the IRL thing  with everyone instead..(and no, my head did not explode, surprisingly)
  • The rest is censored/privileged/between me and the hungarians I am afraid..

Here are some of the PhotoBooth pics I have plus some of my favourite pics of the Wedding taken by others..


(Click to enlarge)


(Image Source Jeanette Verster)


(Image Source Jeanette Verster)

Do go take a look at the other FANTASTIC photo’s on Jeanette’s Blog 🙂

Congratulations to the Fantastic Couple, May each day ahead of them be fulled with love & laughter 🙂