This is what I consider this day to be.. I don’t even have the stamina or inclination to fake an “o” face for it.


Thoughts running through my mind (might contain profanity,sex, nudity and violence):

“..organise the desk and you will probably find those missing pens”

“..have I taken my eltroxin today??”

“..I really must get to the shops today. Washing my hair with guyshowergel is not working for me”

“..I want to show someone *that* dress I found. But who? And if I show them the dress will they get the wrong idea and jump to conclusions?”

“..what has he done with IT? I know I told him to move it but I am discovering I don’t like not knowing where it is either”

“..can’t wait to watch the next installment of 24..was a real cliffhanger last night”

“..*blegh* this heartburn is probably going to kill me if I don’t extinguish it soon”

“..fuckity fuckity fuck.. I am working this weekend..fuckity”

“..I miss QueenG, stupid cow”

“..Jimmy Choo’s are unbelievably awesome, wonder how much I would get for a kidney”

“..school in a few days”

“..SHIT!! Tomorrow at the latest I must try start my car or the kiddies are walking to school!”

“..what am I going to do about the #myr260car thing?? ”

“..my fingers have been very crampy lately.. almost like shooting pain in my fingers, am I THAT old already??”

“..fucken stupid people who ask me fucken stupid questions and then refuse to accept my answer can all lick my landlady’s dog’s left testicle..#assholes”

“..need to lose weight, wonder if its possible to induce a coma and sleep through the trauma?”

“..why is Arsfuk trying to be my friend all of a sudden? This makes me very nervous and I can almost feel the earth tremble as the big ball of shit comes flying towards me…”

“..the boys are really going to need a haircut to fix the bad cut that woman gave them.. unfuckenbelievable”

“..why is my bigboet not returning my email? Wish he would get his head out of his ass and behave like family already”

“..feeling hungry, shit and I need to either go buy groceries or its peanut butter sarmies again”

“..feels random not having email today, can’t even blame seacom. My own fault not moving it off the old drive”

“..this phone really gives me the shits! Hate answering a phone..really irks me! Maybe I can hook the phone up to the PC and type all my responses!!??”

“..gonna have to throw those flowers away now, they looking kinda sad. But they not even mine.. why should I throw them away?”

“..hope I dont dream again tonight, these dreams are really starting to bug me”

“..shitdangnabbit!! The bossman is watching me type and probably wondering wtf I am doing..”

Ok, this is me.. for the day. Switching off or on or whatthefuckever I am doing today..

Have a Porno weekend and remember, if you can’t be good..be good at it 😉